A lot of time has passed ... from the recordings on the Feldberg to the completion of the promotional video for the Schwarzwald Virtual Reality platform. The recordings have become really good and our Bernhard has once again crafted the different settings together to create a masterpiece.

As Schwarzwaldflat, the operators and initiators of the Schwarzwald virtual reality platform describe their offer to touristic companies in the Black Forest region to make their own operations visible to users. It invites gastronomy and tourism companies to present their location authentically using their own virtual presentations in the project in order to gain new customers in a completely new, emotional way.


With Schwarzwaldflat not only can you save up to 70% of the regular production costs for your own virtual tour, you also become part of a unique advertising collective with the top excursion destinations in the Black Forest region. 

Integrated into the pages of Black Forest Tourism, the 360Schwarzwald.com platform, including their local pages and 360Tourist's international pages, guests and citizens of the Black Forest region can enjoy a unique selection of 360 degree views of attractions in the Black Forest region. On your own personal virtual tour through the desired region, site visitors not only discover sights but also neighboring businesses. Due to their own virtual presentations, companies line up harmoniously in the periphery of the excursion destinations without running the risk of being perceived as annoying advertising. A virtual marketplace that enables companies to generate revenue in a completely new way. An interactive platform ... not only because of the freedom with which visitors can navigate through the 360 degree content, but above all because of the potential interaction with tourism, gastronomy and commerce. 

Here are the advantages of the Black Forest Flat in the overview:

1.) High quality, suitable for all systems, including virtual reality glasses, virtual tour for your own websites with up to 70% price savings

2.) For only 250, - Euro per year member on the Virtual Reality platform of the Black Forest region and integration on Black Forest Tourism.info - 360Schwarzwald.com and the international sites of 360Tourist.net

3.) Offline advertising on printed products: Link to virtual tours of the Gastro (overnight accommodation, restaurants, cafes, etc.) via scan of the QR code on merchandising articles such as the cross-media folding map and the Google glasses.

4.) Commission-free booking requests for accommodation 

Package 1: € 490, -

Virtual tour with up to 3 panoramas including basic package: Standard request template incl. Color matching to the customer website, 3 languages (German, English, Spanish, Google translated), social media integration, contact form, title with info text and contact data, 1 embedding code for integration into the own websites, 2 more codes for integration on pages with different domain. 

Package 2: € 690, -

Virtual tour with up to 8 panoramas including basic package. 

Package 3: € 890, -

Virtual tour with up to 14 panoramas including basic package. 

Package 4: € 1.190, -

Virtual tour with up to 22 panoramas including basic package. 

Package 5: € 1.490, -

Services like package 4 incl. A 360 ° aerial panorama

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